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First Vision Media Group, Inc.
is a health care communications company founded in September 2000. Our primary emphasis is on vision care—and the professionals, manufacturers and distributors that serve this community.

Our vision is to provide a unique vehicle to optical industry professionals: a comprehensive guide to optical products in an easy to use format. We use industry professionals to ensure the information we provide is pertinent to "real life" practices and laboratories.

To achieve our mission of providing timely, accurate product information, FVMG publishes magazines, supplements and customer print products for these markets, and hosts a suite of electronic products such as Web sites, email newsletters and Internet-based education.

Vision Care Product News: Our flagship publication, exclusively dedicated to bringing product information to the optical and
ophthalmic communities.

Optical Lab Products: A bi-monthly companion publication to VCPN, serving the optical laboratory community.

Sunglasses Magazine: Designed to bring product information along with marketing and merchandising intelligence to those who buy and sell quality sunwear.

Optometric Office: Our newest publication, specifically covering products and their applications for optometry.

Vision Care Venture: The only electronic publication fully dedicated to practice and retail owners of vision care businesses.

First Vision Media Group, Inc. is committed to bringing the optical industry a wealth of educational opportunities, in a variety of easy to access formats:

• On-Line
  TotallyOptical's Online CE
  Ophthalmic Office COPE education
  Essilor Knowledge Bank

• Print

• Webinars

Whether you are searching for continuing education, or informational courses, we have the tools to suit your needs. Offering both ABO and C.O.P.E continuing education, live web clinics, home learning or on-line, we offer the in-depth learning of your choice.

First Vision Media Group, Inc. provides several opportunities to participate in this growing segment. Our Web portal that hosts all of our electronic content, as well as a powerful, industry-wide search tool. The site also features a Continuing Education channel, real-time industry polling and a comprehensive Industry Directory.

Customized E-Mails: Custom-designed HTML advertising e-mails to produce maximum market attention and generate leads.

LabMail: Our bi-monthly companion to Optical Lab Products. LabMail is targeted with news and information for the U.S. optical lab market.

TotallyOptical: The Web Space for Optical People